The Options

What Are Your Options?

After a community care assessment and being told that you are eligible for support, deciding how you want the support provided is the next decision. 
We all have different experiences so what is good and works for one person is not necessarily going to be best for you. This is how the options work in practice and how we support you.

Option 1- sometimes referred to as a Direct Payment

The making of a direct payment by the Local Authority to the supported person for the provision of support.

In Brief:
The person could arrange their own support by employing someone or by personally arranging with a care provider.

Option 2

This option is where you select the Provider, and direct how you want the budget to be spent with the Provider, to meet your agreed outcomes. The Local Authority or a third party would hold the budget and be responsible for paying the provider.

In Brief:

When you are assessed and are found eligible for social work services, a budget is created that will allow for the support required to be purchased. This support should meet the outcomes you have jointly agreed with Social Work. An Individual Service Fund is where the Local Authority holds the budget, but you choose your Provider and decide how your support should be delivered. You do not control the finances, as the budget will be managed either by the care provider or the local authority on your behalf. The money is restricted for use on your support and accounted for on that basis. Allowing you to choose a care provider means that, in collaboration with them, you have some direction over the way the support is provided, to meet the outcomes in your support plan. 


Option 3 – sometimes referred to as traditional support

The local authority selects the appropriate support and arranges support on behalf of the supported person;

In Brief:

This option is what many people experience at the moment; this is where the Council organises the support for them. This is sometimes referred to as traditional services or local authority arranged services.

Option 4 - Mix and Match

This option is a combination of two or more of the other options.

In Brief:

This recognises that you may be content enough to take on some, but not all, of the control associated with one or other of the self directed options. This is a mix and match approach to ensure maximum flexibility in the options available.

How We Support You

SDS Forth Valley support individuals in understanding their rights enshrined within the legislation to ensure that they are provided with informed choice regarding their preferred SDS Option

Option 1
Our approach is to walk with you in prompting you to be good and competent employers meeting their contractual and statutory obligations. We guide you through the insurance and indemnity understanding and the practical activities in becoming an employer. Through discussion about payroll and the interaction with HMRC we ascertain the preferred level of support and arrange this accordingly. We provide the templates to form the human resource audit trail consolidating this with a one-to-one basic employment law discussion and presentation. At all times allowing you time to ask questions and feel comfortable with the responsibilities you are undertaking in becoming an employer. If the preferred use of the direct payment is the engagement with an agency our support would involve researching the agency, providing prompts in what questions to ask to ascertain the appropriateness of the provision. We would support you in approaching the care provider should there be any disputes in the future.
Option 2
We will provide you with a list of potential care providers in your area with contact numbers. We can support with providing suggested questions to ask to ascertain if they are able to provide the support required. We ensure that you are informed of the type of contractual arrangement you are entering into. We are available to support you should the arrangement break down or if there is any dispute between parties.
Option 3
Our interaction in this instance is limited, as the action is required by the social work practitioner in approaching a framework provider. In this situation you have decided to pass all of the decision-making powers on to the council.
Option 4
This being a mixture of the above our support would be based on your circumstances and in the support of the division. Our approach overall is to be available to you to make the arrangements yourself with our support. We will carry out tasks alongside you, by providing the prompts and necessary tools. With our support the only issue you have to deal with is the day to day running of the package and of being in control of your own destiny!


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